Fundo Soberano de Angola

Angolan Delegation in Mauritius to Try to Recover Millions from The Sovereign Fund or Fundo Soberano


An Angolan delegation or Delegação Angolana including a representative of the Fundo Soberano de Angola. It is expected on Monday in Mauritius to discuss the possible repatriation of hundreds of millions of dollars frozen in accounts of the company Global Quantum that worked for the fund when it was managed by José Filomeno dos saints. Kinguila Charge 10% and Replace ATMs for Cash Withdrawals

The Mauritian authorities recently froze 91 accounts associated with Global Quantum and according to the Mauritian newspaper “Défi”. Angola wants the repatriation of US$3 billion that was transferred by the fund to be managed in investments by that company.

Global Quantum’s owner, Jean Claude de Morais, is a business partner of José Filomeno dos Santos and reportedly received around US$41 million from the fund. And another US$34 million was reportedly paid into accounts at Quantum Global Alternative Investment.

Mauritian newspapers say the 91 frozen accounts at Quantum Global are valued at about $446 million. And another $151 million was found in 33 frozen accounts at AfrAsiabank.

Representatives of Quantum Global were in a Mauritian court on Friday to try to obtain an order to unfreeze the accounts in order to pay its employees and their legal representatives.

The Mauritian authorities also suspended the operating licenses of seven investment funds linked to the sovereign or Fundo Soberano wealth fund

Quantum Global has always denied having been involved in any illegal action and complained that they were never explained the reason for the freezing of their licenses and bank accounts.