Ka ho Cho

Ka ho Cho Bio: Age, Husband Redd Foxx, Net Worth


Ka Ho Cho is a celebrity wife. For her role as Redd Foxx‘s fourth and last wife, she is well recognized. Having lost her husband, Ka Ho Cho is now a single mother of two. Ka ho cho redd foxx, a late actor and comedian, was his first and only wife. At Bally’s Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, they had their first encounter.

On July 8, 1991, the couple married in the Little Church of the West in Las Vegas, and the celebration was held at the Hacienda Hotel. Sadly, barely three months after their marriage, Foxx died of a heart attack while filming The Royal Family (1991). They don’t have any offspring.

History of Ka Ho Cho Husband

Before Ka married her late husband, he had been married three times. When he wed Evelyn Killebrew in 1948 he became the father of his first child. The couple were married for more than three years before deciding to call it quits in 1951.

In 1956, he married Betty Jean Harris, a showgirl and dancer, after five years of dating. Debraca Denise was the girl they adopted. Their 19-year marriage came to an end in 1975.

As with his second and third wives, Yun Chi Chung, who he married in 1976, was a cocktail server. Her third marriage, like her previous two, ended in divorce in 1981. 

Ka Ho Cho’s Relationships

  1. No one is currently having an affair with Ka Ho Cho.
  2. Her sexual preference is for men.
  3. Foxx’s fourth and last wife is Ka.
  4. Due to a heart attack, her spouse Foxx dies.
  5. Debraca Denise has her as a stepmother.

Ka Ho Cho’s Family, Siblings, Ethnicity and Education

In Seoul, South Korea, Ka ho Cho was born in the year 1959 and currently Ka ho Cho age is about 63. As a result, she maintains a low-profile. No information about her early life, parents, or other members of her family has been made public. Because of this, she is a naturalized citizen of South Korea.

Career, Net Worth: Ka Ho Cho

For now, it is impossible to estimate Ka’s net worth since her occupation is unknown. Similarly, when he passed away, her spouse left nothing in his will.

Ten fascinating facts about Redd Foxx 

  1. Although his true name was John Elroy Sanford, Redd Foxx has become a pop culture icon.
  2. For tossing a book in front of a teacher on the first day of school, the student was removed from that school immediately.
  3. Throughout his life, Redd has four marriages under his belt.
  4. In 1935, he began his career in the entertainment world.
  5. During the civil rights era, the actor built his name with his raucous nightclub performances.
  6. He was also referred to as “The King of the Party Records” by others.
  7. Redd did not have any children of his own.
  8. Red and Zorro were two of his nicknames.
  9. In Della Reese and LaWanda Page, he had a close circle of pals.
  10. TV Guide’s front cover featured him five times.

Ka Ho Cho Net worth

Despite the fact that Foxx died, his family was left with a -$3.5 million debt. Foxx’s only kid, Debraca has named his estate, which has caused an argument between her and her stepmother, Ka Ho Cho. Her father’s money and debts were also the subject of a lawsuit brought by Ka.

Dimensions of the Body: Height and Weight

In terms of her looks, Ka is fair-skinned. Her brown eyes and hair color are also similar to hers. Furthermore, neither his height nor weight have been made public by any means of the media.

Accused Step Daughter of Embezzlement 

Embezzling her father’s money was a charge that was leveled against Ka Ho Cho’s stepdaughter, Debraca Denise Foxx. She was granted administrative authority over her father’s income and spending, but she was unable to account for the intricacies of the finances.

In 2006, Debraca’s role as administrator was terminated and John Cahill assumed responsibility for the organization the following year. After Redd Foxx passed away, he left behind an unpaid tax obligation in the amount of $3.6 million.

Within that time frame, John generated a total income of $101,000. Five thousand dollars came from CBS for the use of a video clip of Redd, and three thousand dollars came from Hallmark for the use of the comedian’s picture on one of their greeting cards.