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What Metabo Tools are Used in Different Works


AMetabo equipment is for specialists who demand reliable, heavy-duty equipment that works as challenging as they do- equipment they can believe day after day, which is precisely why Metabo’s core theme is, “when it matters.” You can believe that Metabo’s equipment will comfort you get the job performed right.

Metabo holds the consumer in mind, and as a result, their equipment is designed to carry you most effectiveness, efficiency, and money savings. From its Ultra-M battery machinery to keyless tool changes, Metabo promises the remaining strains of expert and industrial tools.

Metabo Tools for Building and Construction Industries

Metabo has a range of power equipment, cordless equipment, and different options for dustless prep, drilling, screw driving, cutting, grinding, and sawing.

Their building equipment is a centre of attention in the following applications: roofing, woodworking, framing, walls/facades, drywall construction, and ground installation. The line additionally consists of an OSHA Table 1 compliant vacuum that connects to your Metabo power tools, keeping you secure from silica dust. Whether you’re remodelling, renovating, or constructing company new, Metabo has the equipment to assist you to get the job done.

Tools for Metalworking Industries

Metabo additionally affords a complete line of metalworking equipment for drilling, cutting, grinding, and sawing. Metabo’s metalworking equipment is best for metal crafting and manufacturing protection purposes which include mechanical engineering, shipyards, energy generation, refineries, 2-wheeler or 4-wheeler construction, pipelines, and power plants.

Battery Technology

Metabo’s cordless equipment make use of the Ultra-M 18V LiHD high-density battery technique. Ultra-M batteries make use of lithium-ion battery method which presents max strength and lengthy runtimes whilst ultimate lightweight. Something else we respect about Ultra-M batteries is how the battery pack, cordless equipment. And charger seamlessly communicate, making sure environment-friendly and secure battery usage.

The Ultra-M batteries are well-matched between power equipment inside the equal line, which Metabo calls, “Mix + Pix.” Bottom line: you don’t have to lift around a series of batteries.

Metabo HPT Invention

It’s what makes Metabo HPT creations top of the line in strategy and durability. From its birth, Metabo HPT has pioneered a modern applied method that has increased lives around the world.

This understanding is shared throughout all Metabo HPT divisions international and is included into purposes that gain many extraordinary products. Metabo HPT strategies new and long-lasting products for execs that demand more.


Durability is a keystone of the Metabo HPT brand. For over 70 years, we have coaxed equipment for the most challenging job sites. We see evidence each day with some of our equipment coming returned for service that was once sold many years ago! The technological know-how we include and the dedication to produce, nothing, however. The first-class is evident in the lifespan, and durability of Metabo HPT products.


It is frequenting to see Metabo HPT innovation in the working place at some stage in the nation. Metabo HPT has introduced to market improvements such as

Slide Miter Saw – Most qualified job site requires a sliding mitre noticed to achieve all applications.
Cordless Impact Driver – Creating an impact driver cordless was once a game-changer for the job site.
Cylinder Drive System in our Nailers – Increases pace and sturdiness which is why Metabo HPT nailers are so exceedingly sought after for the modern-day job site.
MultiVolt – The first electricity equipment platform to be dual-powered. Power every equipment both with a 36V battery or AC adapter.
UVP – User vibration protection affords a vast saving in vibration permitting for much less fatigue.
Adding the third anvil to Impact Driver – By including third anvil customers understand the bigger beats per minute permitting for sooner work with much less effort.

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