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Most Common Materials Used for Producing Industrial Fasteners


Fasteners manufactured and supplied by some of the largest industrial fastener manufacturers in India are available in a comprehensive range as per the nature of applications. The materials the fasteners are made of play a very important role not only in their overall performance but also in physical properties. Also Know: Automotive Fasteners and Some Critical Issues Associated with Them

Be it construction, aviation, manufacturing, or any other industry, fasteners are of immense significance as nothing can stay fixed without them. Fasteners are the pieces of hardware that determine the overall strength, quality, durability, and reliability of any structure.

As for the material chosen by the leading standard and wheel bolt manufacturers in India. It is determined by the gravity of the application. Some manufacturers in India are producing even customized industrial fastener to serve specific purposes. This blog talks about some of the major materials used to manufacture high-quality industrial-grade fasteners by India’s largest industrial fastener manufacturers.

Most Common Materials Used for Producing Industrial Fasteners


Steel is one of the most common materials used by the standard and wheel bolts manufacturers around the globe to manufacture

 including nuts, bolts, and screws, washers, and a large number of other allied accessories. The fasteners made using steel are available in both plain and specific surface treatment. Some of the most common treatments given to steel fasteners include chrome plating, zinc plating, and galvanization. As far as the grade of the steel to be used is concerned. It largely depends upon the exacting needs of the customers.

Generally, there are 4 grades of steel available for industrial fasteners manufacturing. The popularity of steel as one of the most popular materials for making fasteners stems from its high degree of formability, unmatched strength, and durability. When compared to other raw materials, steel is also incredibly cost-effective to fabricate.

Stainless Steel Fasteners

Stainless steel is one of the most common alloys used by India’s largest industrial fastener manufacturers to produce high-quality industrial-grade fasteners. It is the combination of low carbon grade properties and a certain percentage of nickel and chromium.

The elements of chrome present in the stainless steel provide the material with an outstanding corrosion resistance. Which remains unaffected even by any kind of deformation or long-term use. The final strength of almost all grades of stainless steel remains around 70 to 220 ksi as per the ratio of the raw materials used to create the alloy.

Stainless steel fasteners made and supplied by the top standard and wheel bolt manufacturers in India. And around the globe are considered to be less magnetic than their conventional steel counterparts. Two primary categories of the materials used for stainless steel fasteners include the following:

  1. Martensitic Stainless Steel
  2. Austenitic Stainless Steel

Silicon Bronze

Silicon bronze often described merely as bronze is an alloy created using the combination of tin and copper. The fasteners manufactured and supplied by India’s largest industrial fastener manufacturers offer unmatched corrosion resistance. Bronze is considered to be the best material for aquatic applications including underwater construction and shipbuilding. Silicon Bronze gives the impression of a reddish color and is a little bit expensive in comparison to other materials readily available for producing fasteners. 


Brass is an associate degree alloy used by India’s largest industrial fastener manufacturers to produce high-quality industrial fasteners. It is an alloy that is created making use of atomic numbers 30 and copper. Brass is considered to be a powerful alloy that offers unmatched corrosion resistance. What’s more, it is also well-known for electrically semi-conductive properties. However, brass is sometimes not suitable for highly demanding fasteners because of its relative softness.


Aluminum is one of the most preferred raw materials for manufacturing industrial fasteners. It is a lightweight yet corrosion-resistant material boasting a weight of only 1/3 that of mild steel. The fasteners made using aluminum by the top standard and wheel bolt manufacturers in India are perfectly suitable for applications where lightweight matters most. Aluminum as a raw material for making fasteners has the best strength to weight ratio when compared to all other metals. 

Some of the salient benefits associated with aluminum fasteners include the following: 

  • Excellent value for money and aesthetic quality
  • Aluminum looks very elegant when brushed and polished
  • Aluminum offers better corrosion resistance than all other types of metals
  • It is a better option for scenarios where the metal has a possibility of more exposure.
  • Aluminum is the best candidate for different scenarios because it is not magnetic. 


Almost all the industrial-grade nuts and bolts made and supplied by India’s largest industrial fastener manufacturers are chrome plated and polished not only for appearance but also for corrosion resistance. Appropriate chrome plating provides the fasteners with an incredible corrosion resistance but it is still not very popular because of its high cost.


Alloy is the most commonly used term across industrial circles in various references. India’s largest industrial fastener manufacturers make use of different types of alloys. An alloy is a strategic combination of either two or even more metals used to manufacture a special category of fasteners. Alloys come into play where fasteners made of standard metals don’t perform as per the expectations.

When any customer needs customized fasteners to serve some specific purposes, manufacturers suggest them a particular alloy. Industrial applications are highly demanding because of so many factors. And only alloys are used to manufacture fasteners keeping in view the same.

Concluding Remarks

As a specialist in in-house manufacturing of diverse high-tensile standards and special fasteners. The company has established itself as the most dependable supplier of fasteners to almost all the Automobile OEMs in the country and their manufacturing locations abroad. For surface finishing, the company offers Zinc plating – White, Blue, Yellow, Black, and Green, Zinc phosphating, Zinc Iron, Zinc Cr+ free (Hexavalent & Trivalent) with dedicated sources for Dacro, Magni, Geomet & Nickel Chrome Finish.

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